“I played piano for the devil, he owned a nightclub.”

From The Devil's Piano Player

Stephen Ross

Crime and mystery author

So, what does a writer do in his spare time..? Actually, a writer never has any spare time; we're too busy writing. And once we've written, we edit and we rewrite, and then we polish. Only shopping lists get written once. At the moment, I'm working on a short story and a book. I'm writing the short story to take my mind off the book; books take forever to write, so sometimes a holiday in another story is welcome.

And yes, the website is brand new (and very cool). Many many thanks to Kathleen Azevedo for designing and building the new site!



    Alfred Hitchcock Mystery Magazine

    December 2014

    My latest mystery short story appears in the December 2014 edition of the Alfred Hitchcock Mystery Magazine. This story is a special one: it's set in Frankfurt in 1901. I used to live in Frankfurt (but not in 1901!) and it's the first mystery I've set in Germany. This story was inspired by a nightmare (a vivid dream of faces).

    My new novelette

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  • The Long White Cloud

    20 January 2015 : Sleuthsayers

    You probably didn't expect to read an entry from me in this slot. I'm in New Zealand house-sitting for the kid (Stephen Ross); he's gone on vacation to work on his book. I suspect he's really gone on vacation to catch up on his reading; he's a prince among procrastinators, and there's a gap on the bookshelf where his collection of Perry Mason mysteries used to reside...

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